Provincial police officers will be focused on impaired driving for the month of August, according to Saskatchewan Government Insurance.

The Crown corporation says officers across Saskatchewan catch between 200 and 400 impaired drivers every month.

“Police agencies across Saskatchewan have made impaired driving enforcement a top priority,” Saskatoon police Staff Sgt. Patrick Barbar said in a news release. “A plan is all you need to avoid becoming a statistic; get a designated driver, take a cab or rideshare car, stay over or use transit.”

Saskatchewan has strict impaired driving laws, including zero tolerance for drug-impaired driving, zero tolerance for alcohol with new drivers and penalties starting at .04 blood alcohol content for all other drivers.

SGI lists these 10 signs of an impaired driver:

1. Drifting in and out of lanes

2. Driving unreasonably fast, slow or at an inconsistent speed

3. Tailgating and changing lanes frequently

4. Making exceptionally wide turns

5. Changing lanes or passing without sufficient clearance

6. Overshooting or stopping well before stop signs or stop lights

7. Disregarding signals and lights

8. Approaching or leaving intersections too quickly or slowly

9. Driving with windows open in cold or inclement weather

10. Driving without headlights, failing to lower high beams or leaving turn signals on

Anyone who believes they have seen an impaired driver should report it to local police.