After a bitterly cold February, those in southern Saskatchewan are more than happy to welcome warmer weather.

But the start of spring thaw has led to some safety concerns.

Michael Thome, who owns a contracting company called “It’s Done”, says he and his crew have been busy dealing with the spring melt.

“We’re going in and clearing our drains making sure down spouts are clear,” Thome said. “Just making sure the water can get to the drains and using any means, usually salt is a beautiful thing at these temperatures.”

Thome says clearing the snow away from your home’s foundation is important if you’re trying to prevent water from seeping into your basement.

“Most people know whether or not their house has a decent grade to it, so if you can help it out and try and create channels with some skinny shovels or maybe just lay a little salt down so the water has somewhere to run away from your house,” Thome said.

SGI Canada says it’s also important to clear snow off the roof.

“Keep down spouts extended around six feet away from your house, make sure your down spots and eves troughs are clear of any obstructions so that water has somewhere to go that’s not in your basement,” said Tyler McMurchy with SGI Canada.

Puddles are also forming in many areas of Regina, due in part to blocked catch basins.

The city says as much fun as the puddles are for kids to play in, certain dangers do exist.

“Make sure they are not going into puddles were they can’t see the bottom and also pay attention to our storm channels and the creeks, they are starting to break up as well and even though it may look like there’s solid ice there’s high risk,” said Pat Wilson with the City of Regina.

Warm temperatures are expected to continue through the weekend and into next week.

Based on a report by CTV Regina's Cally Stephanow