REGINA -- The Reeve of the RM of Lipton is asking the provincial government to take action and compensate canola producers for their losses.

Reeve Corey Senft says that trade wars, and low commodity prices are damaging for producers. He's gone as far as to declare a state of emergency. 

“We see dairy facing some trade issues, because of a new NAFTA agreement with the States, they’ve lost 3% of their revenue, and they’re being compensated by Ottawa for it. Canola growers, we have got an interest free loan, we don’t think that’s sufficient enough.” Reeve of the RM of Lipton Corey Senft said.

The reeve argues that canola producers south of the border are given a subsidy to help see them through the trade war going on between the Americans and China. 

“I just encourage the farmers to get in touch with their crop insurance agent, or their regional folks, and have that discussion with them. Also, under the wildlife program the province picks up 100% for wildlife compensation damages that are done to crops that are left over winter,” Minister of Agriculture David Marit said.