Regina Mayor Michael Fougere says he's willing to open the discussion on a city transit route to the airport.

Regina is the only major city in Canada without a transit link to the airport. The recent relocation of the Greyhound bus depot to the airport has heightened the need for public transit.

Some Greyhound passengers CTV talked to say they are surprised that there is no transit connection into the city. Some are choosing to walk a treacherous path across Lewvan Drive to the nearest bus stop on Pasqua Street.

However, Regina transit recently unveiled its proposed routes for 2018 and the airport failed to make the list. The city says they aren’t convinced the demand is there.

The Regina Airport Authority says they have been asking for transit service for nearly a decade. They have 1,100 employees that could use the bus in addition to airline and Greyhound passengers. This was the argument made five years ago.

The mayor says he has now contacted the airport authority to begin the discussion and wants to hear a business case made for extending transit service to the terminal building.