Regina home cook Josh Miller survived his first pressure test on MasterChef Canada on Monday night.

Miller headed into a restaurant for this week’s episode of the show.

“I have a very new-found respect for a lot of cooks or chefs that are out there in a restaurant kitchen,” Miller told CTV Morning Live on Tuesday. “That stuff was crazy. Not a lot of room in there and just bananas.”

Miller, known as the Bearded Prairie Chef, cracked the top five on the show earlier this month.

Watching last night’s episode again, Miller said he surprised himself by staying quiet instead of stepping up to lead his group.

“I thought I talked a lot more and led vocally a lot more,” he said. “Just something I wish I could go back and change.”

Neither team won the pressure test, but Miller was able to save one of the other contestants.

The Regina chef also had to bake this week, something he was worried about since the competition began.

“Having the baking elements was a little bit worrisome, I think you can see my face die a little when I’m like ‘Of course there has to be baking in it,’” Miller said with a laugh. “It went not bad. I think I kind of rocked it out and handled it well.”

Miller added it was good to get his first pressure test out of the way.

“The clock never stops,” he said. “Once that thing goes, it feels like it’s 10 minutes and it hasn’t even moved.”

Next week’s episode will be an “emotional rollercoaster” as the competition continues to heat up.

MasterChef Canada airs Monday nights on CTV.