Eighteen home cooks will compete in the new season of Master Chef Canada, and one contestant hails from the Queen City.

Josh Miller appeared on CTV Morning Live on Monday ahead of the season premier to discuss the experience.

“It’s going to be a weird experience to look up and see myself on TV,” Miller told CTV Morning Live. “I’m super excited for everyone to see it, it was a crazy experience and I’m just excited to share that with everyone.”

Miller explained that his audition dish was his “Baba’s chocolate cake”. He pointed to his Ukrainian heritage, and a childhood of cooking with his mother and grandmother, as his inspiration.

“Every time I cook I try to bring something from my past, or something that I love,” Miller said. “Cooking with Baba was the thing.”

By day, Miller works at the Ranch Ehrlo Society as a group home manager. His day to day is a far cry from the pressure of the Master Chef Canada kitchen.

“That kitchen is a pressure cooker, it’s something I’ve never really experienced before,” Miller said. “That clock stops for nobody.” Miller said the best part of the whole experience was getting out of his comfort zone and “getting comfortable with the uncomfortable.”

He said he applied every year for six years before finally landing a spot on the show.

Master Chef Canada premieres Monday evening on CTV.