REGINA -- Investigating and monitoring recent freedom rallies is requiring a lot of the Regina Police Service’s resources.

RPS will be keeping a close eye on Victoria Park this Saturday as a rally against Saskatchewan’s public health orders is scheduled to take place in the downtown park.

"We’ll have uniformed police officers, so our patrol members and our traffic members, and their focus really is going to be to actively monitor the event, but also to respond to any risk to public safety," RPS spokesperson Elizabeth Popowich said.

RPS will also have officers at the rally providing investigative support by gathering information and evidence.

"They will be there gathering photographic evidence and that will be all be a part of the investigation that follows the event itself," Popowich said. "We also have a whole layer of oversight, we have a command structure that will be able to oversee the event as it’s happening and provide senior-level, real-time decision making should it be required."

This weekend’s rally comes as Regina Police continue to investigate a rally from last month, which spilled into Cornwall Centre and has led to 16 tickets to date.

RPS has posted video clips of individuals who entered the downtown mall without masks on April 24, which is a violation of the current measures in place to limit the spread of COVID-19.

"Much in a way that we would do for Crime Stoppers or on our 'Can you identify?' page on our website, we felt that we could post those, ask for the public’s help and direct people to the website," Popowich said.

"The public is a tremendous resource in that the eyes and ears of the residents of Regina are of real value."

Popowich added officers will also be on the lookout for individuals involved in the situation at Cornwall Centre at this weekend’s rally.