REGINA -- Premier Scott Moe said the government’s preference is to present the provincial budget in the legislature before the fall election, to ensure it gets the proper legislative oversight.

House leaders will have to agree on a “modified sitting arrangement” so that a budget can be introduced in the house.

Moe said due to the unique content of this budget, it needs wider oversight from government officials and people across the province.

“This budget in particular deserves, not only the legislative oversight but the purview of every person in the province, because of who it invests in,” said Moe.

“It invests not only in rebuilding our economy through infrastructure in the budget and additional infrastructure commitments since then, but it also invests in communities and families and investing in individuals across this province.”

At the government’s last fiscal update in April, Minister of Finance Donna Harpauer predicted $1.3 billion to $3.3 billion in lost revenues due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Moe said the government plans to present another revenue projection in June.

“[The revenue estimates] will be refined as we go through the summer and what many of us hope it will be a full reopening of our economy.”

The province will also release its first quarter budget update in August, along with an update on investments to date, revenue and profits.

The full provincial budget was scheduled to be tabled in March, but due to the economic instability caused by COVID-19, the province opted for a scaled back budget showing only spending forecasts.

The provincial election is scheduled for October 26.