REGINA -- The provincial government has put forward an option to the opposition to reconvene the sitting of the Legislature, but the details of the terms remain unknown as the house leaders discuss.

Members of the Saskatchewan NDP joined leader Ryan Meili in front of the Legislative Building Thursday morning to continue its call for the government to return to the Legislature.

Unknown to the NDP, the province had sent its terms shortly before the start of the conference.

It led to an accusation from the opposition leader the province is playing games

“That’s the kind of stunt that you’d expect from Jeremy Harrison, he’s had plenty of opportunity, he knows we’re out here,” Meili said. “If he fires a letter just before I stand on the podium you can see the kind of games that are being played.”

The NDP wants the sitting returned primarily to discuss the yet-to-be delivered provincial budget.

Premier Scott Moe said Thursday the government and opposition are in the process of discussing options for a full budget but would not go into detail yet.

“The option that we have put forward is the most comprehensive opportunity for budgetary legislative scrutiny of any option that has been put forward in this nation by any province or territory since the emergency measures have come into effect,” Moe said.

Moe also reiterated the government’s number one priority remains its response to COVID-19, but getting a budget in place is close behind.

“It’s a priority for this government to introduce and to pass a budget on behalf of the people to have the legislative scrutiny it deserves and have the purview and scrutiny of people in the province,” Moe said.

The opposition leader is still skeptical the Legislature would be reconvened without pressure from his party.

“If we get to a budget, if we get to any debate at all, that's only because we pushed,” Meili said. “If it was up to Scott Moe, if it was up to Jeremy Harrison, they would've done nothing this entire summer, they would've kept the legislature entirely closed."

It remains unknown when MLAs could be back in the assembly and what the return could look like with COVID-19 precautions in place.