REGINA -- Saskatchewan is reporting 15 new cases of COVID-19, bringing the total number of cases to 1,445.

The government reported five new cases in the Regina area, one in the north west region, one in the Saskatoon area, one in the central west region, three in the south west and three in the south central zone.

Information about one case is pending, the province said.

There are 168 active cases in Saskatchewan, and 1,257 people have recovered.

The province said 13 people are in hospital. Seven people are receiving inpatient care: three in Saskatoon, one in Regina, two in the south west region and one in the south central.

Six people are in intensive care: four in Saskatoon, one in the north central region and one in the south west.

The province has removed three cases from its total case count.

One case reported on July 22 and two cases reported on Aug. 7 were from people who live outside the province.



The number of active cases per zone are as follows:

  • Zero in the far north central.
  • One in the far north west.
  • Zero in the far north east.
  • Nine in the north west.
  • Four in the north central.
  • Thirteen in the north east.
  • Twelve in the Saskatoon area.
  • Twenty-nine in the Regina area.
  • Forty-two in the central west.
  • Three in the central east.
  • Twenty-three in the south west.
  • Twenty-nine in the south central.
  • Two in the south east.

Of the 1,445 cases in the province:

  • 206 cases are travellers.
  • 720 are community contacts (including mass gatherings).
  • 389 have no known exposures.
  • 130 are under investigation by local public health.

The province said 64 cases are healthcare workers, though the source of infection may not be related to their place of work.

The province conducted 1,945 COVID-19 tests yesterday.