People in Regina put on their rain boots and stepped outside for the annual Smudge Walk in North Central Regina on Friday, and didn't let the rain damper the party.

About 100 people came out  for the walk, despite gloomy weather to start the day.

"It was important that the rain came. I believe that it's a cleansing of the earth here,” all nations hope network CEO Margaret Kisikawpiyesis said.

The 11-year-old walk is a spiritual traditional cleansing ritual performed to heal and renew the area and its people. Different this year, instead of just four men raising pipes, they added four women as well.

"This year it was important to us to bring our women and to raise the pipes. Women are the life giver and we are also the nurturers of all things,” Kisikawpiyesis said.

The event wasn't all positives, as the owner of Sonshine Gas and Wash says the city blocked off the access from Albert Street, and he lost hundreds of dollars this morning.

"I have never been blocked off in my life. I received no notification of this, no compensation, I have had zerp customers this whole entire morning,” Sonshine Gas and Wash owner Dion McArthur said.

The barricades were cleaned up around 1 p.m., but the city has not told McArthur why.

But for walkers, the event is a great way to bring people together.

"We don't really have too much big community events like this so it's out in the open it's good to come in,” North Central resident Dwayne Nepinak said.

The event ended with some food and entertainment. Organizers hope to keep the event growing and bring awareness to the area.