REGNIA -- The pandemic has inflicted hardships on many Saskatchewan organizations. But for one annual fundraiser, the show must go on.

TeleMiracle will take place this weekend, and there will be some changes to the Saskatchewan staple. 

“We’ve had some hurdles but you know what, we have an amazing team, an amazing office staff and our producers have really come together to put on a great show to make sure we have a really good product for the people of Saskatchewan, ” said TeleMiracle chair Brian Angstadt.

The show will strictly adhere to government COVID-19 guidelines. There will be no audience and many performers were pre-recorded from remote locations, following rules that are constantly changing. 

“We do look at the guidelines almost daily because they say they change month-to-month, they almost change almost on an hourly rate,” said Angstadt. 

Frequent changes are challenging. Last week, SaskTel Max pulled four locally-produced music videos after producers learned all performers must wear masks in studio settings. Two days layers, rules changed again, allowing lead singers to perform without a mask. The union representing musicians said it’s hard to keep up. 

“You know I certainly don’t want to argue with Dr. Shahab because he’s the expert but it really makes it difficult. We’d just like to know what the rules are and we will definitely observe all of them,” said Brian Sklar, president of the Regina Musicians' Association.

The Regina Musicians' Association said it has never asked by government for advice on COVID-19 guidelines for the industry, which might be contributing to the need for frequent changes.

TeleMiracle 45 will air on CTV on Feb.27-28.