REGINA -- Gyms and fitness centres can open their doors to the public again in phase three of Saskatchewan’s reopening plan.

On Thursday, the province announced a target date of June 8 to start the next phase, which also includes restaurants, bars and some personal services.

“Re-opening gyms and fitness facilities promotes physical and mental wellness,” the latest version of the Re-Open Saskatchewan plan says. “Physical distancing must be maintained and stringent cleaning and disinfecting protocols must be established.”

The plan says there needs to be at least one staff member in the facility at all times. Gyms offering 24 hour unrestricted access will need to amend their hours under phase three.

Gyms should screen any clients arriving at the station by “asking if they are sick or symptomatic.” Anyone who isn’t feeling well should be asked to leave. A client showing COVID-19 symptoms should go home and contact HealthLine 811. If the symptoms are serious, gym staff should call 911.

Any staff experiencing symptoms should also be sent home.

Clients should use contactless payment and check in where possible.


The guidelines say gyms should limit the number of people within the facility to make sure clients can stay two metres apart.

The province also recommends a booking system that only allows a certain number of people to come into a facility during a specific time slot. The time slots should be spaced out so that equipment can be properly cleaned between clients. Only people who are actually working out will be allowed into the facility.

The gyms should use place markers like tape or cones to help people maintain the two metres of distance. There should also be signs reinforcing physical distancing and cleanliness guidelines. Equipment should also be spaced out to maintain two metres of physical distancing.

Group fitness classes are allowed as long as people can stay two metres from others. Classes will be capped at 10 people.

Clients can bring their own equipment, like yoga mats, to classes.

Gyms should manage the flow of people within their facility, including at entrances and exits.

Only one person is allowed to use equipment at a time.

Group facilities like courts, saunas, hot tubs and steam rooms need to stay closed. Showers and locker rooms need to stay closed, but washrooms can stay open.

Clients should come in their workout clothes so they don’t need to change at the facility.

Food and beverage services need to close, but vending machines are allowed as long as they’re cleaned regularly. Water bottle filling stations need to be sanitized regularly and drinking fountains must be closed.

Hand washing stations and hand sanitizer should be available for clients entering and exiting the facility.

Any shared surfaces like phones, computers, washrooms and laundry rooms should be cleaned and disinfected regularly.


Since the virus can survive on surfaces for several days, gym staff should clean and disinfect equipment regularly.

The updated plan says gyms could use signs saying “Disinfected” on equipment once it’s cleaned so people know it’s ready to be used. Disinfectant should be readily available for all clients, and should be disposable rather than reusable towels and cloths.

Paper towel used for disinfecting surfaces should be disposed of in a plastic-lined bin and taken out regularly.

Personal training will be allowed in phase three as long as trainers can maintain two metres of physical distancing. If trainers need to be within two metres of clients, they will need to wear a surgical or procedural mask.

Read the latest version of the plan here: