A large collection antique building materials from the old University of Regina College Campus is being auctioned off online to the highest bidder.

The materials came from the U of R’s College Campus Renewal Project, a $60 million restoration job that began back in 2011.

The university sought to salvage and reuse as much of the old building materials as it could in the expansion of the new college campus, with the items they could not reuse being prepared for auction.

“We couldn’t put this stuff in a landfill... it would be a crime!” explained Jackie Schmidt, president of Heritage Regina. “The university agreed that it has to go back into the community.”

More than 300 lots are up for sale. The items include everything from doors, windows, and flooring, to smaller items such as door handles and decorative trim pieces.

The bidding starts at $5 per lot. Anyone is able to place a bid, with shipping options available for bids placed outside of Regina.

“Much of this stuff dates back to the original building,” explained Carol Reyda, Project Manager for the University of Regina. “This is stuff that was used back in the early 1900’s.”

The items that do not sell will be given away for free, with the remaining materials being recycled.

All of the proceeds of the auction will go towards Heritage Regina’s community education programs.

“I would just like to see it go back into someone's house where it is loved, used, and appreciated,” said Schmidt.

“This is an important piece of our history.”

The auction comes to a close on June 29 at noon. For more information, visit Heritageregina.ca.