REGINA -- Saskatchewan CFL prospects showed off their skills for scouts at a virtual combine on Friday afternoon.

Kyle Borsa and Robbie Lowes were the only two Regina Rams selected to showcase their fitness via the CFL’s national identification camp. 

“It would mean everything to me, I’ve been wanting to play professional football since I was eight years old,” said Borsa, who plays running back. 

Most USports football athletes haven’t competed since 2019, including linebacker Lowes. However, Borsa hasn’t seen the field since 2018. He served a 16-month suspension after taking a banned supplement, which he says he believed to be legal. 

“A knock on me in this draft is going to be lack of tape, so that’s why today is such a big day for me,” Borsa said of the fitness testing. 

Eligible athletes were given the option of deferring their draft year to 2021 because all USports programs – and some NCAA football teams – didn’t compete in 2020. In total, 132 players opted out of the 2021 Draft, which substantially reduced the available players this year. 

“I did consider it but after talking to my agent and my family and everyone else we decided that this year was going to be the year where I think I’d have the best shot,” Borsa said. 

This is the first virtual combine to be held since the national combines in 2020 were cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. There are two major differences between the in-person and virtual combines. In the virtual combine, prospects can attempt each drill multiple times and submit their best result via video. If they choose, they can also do the six fitness tests over multiple days, as opposed to the two-day schedule at the in-person combine. 

“I know some guys are going to be splitting it up to feel better and feel fresher throughout the drills that they’re doing,“ Borsa said. “I’m going to give the scouts what they really want to see and do it all in one day.”

Borsa will be completing all of the tests, except for the bench press, on Friday. Lowes is waiting until closer to the submission deadline on April 10, after sustaining a lower-body injury. 

“Just tweaked my hamstring a little bit,” Lowes said. “I believe that I’ll be able to show up healthy, attack the rehab process just like I attack training and preparation for games and that’s gotten me this far, so I believe that I’ll be healthy when the time comes.”

Lowes and Borsa have played together for two seasons with the Rams, but also played together for Riffel high school in Regina. 

“First thing I did was call Kyle. We train together, I consider him my brother, and we were just so excited,” Lowes said. 

The combine also involves an interview process with prospective CFL teams. Borsa has already interviewed with the Calgary Stampeders and Lowes has one with Winnipeg next week. 

The CFL draft date hasn’t been announced, but is expected to be in May. 

“I respect the players and the organizations so much,” Lowes said. “I’d be blessed to have an opportunity to play for them.”