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Water Security Agency program gets $9M boost to help communities deal with flooding


The Water Security Agency (WSA), along with Natural Resources Canada, has announced a $9 million deal which help boost their Flood Hazard Identification and Mapping Program (FHIMP).

In a 50-50 cost sharing agreement, the Government of Saskatchewan and Government of Canada will each contribute $4.5 million through to 2027-28.

“In Saskatchewan, we are somewhat blessed. We don’t suffer hurricanes or earthquakes but flooding is one of the disasters we experience. [FHIMP] helps us identify where that may occur, which communities are at risk and how we can take steps to prevent any potential damage,” said Sean Osmar, a spokesperson for WSA.

Through a statement, the Minister Responsible for the Water Security Agency David Marit said the FHIMP is essential to better understand flooding in the province.

“This information we collect will help us identify where risks are, which will lead to a better understanding of the mitigation and protection work required to keep people and communities safe,” the statement read.

The $9 million will help WSA obtain services to develop flood mapping products, which will help communities develop plans and identify food mitigation needs. 

According to WSA research, every dollar invested in flood prevention saves up to $20 in flood damages for each community.

Communities with flood mapping projects underway include Regina, Moose Jaw, Melfort, Tisdale, Estevan, and Cumberland House, according to the WSA. Top Stories

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