REGINA -- Haris Khan is adapting to a new reality after losing both of his parents to COVID-19 just three months apart.

Khan, 31, said he never could have expected what the past few months have looked like.

Both of his parents died outside of Saskatchewan. On Jan.15, two days before Khan’s birthday, his dad passed away in hospital.

“My dad has never missed any birthday. He would call me right at midnight no matter which part of the world I lived in,” Khan said. “This year was the first time in my life that I never got a call from my dad because he was not alive.”

He said his dad, who was 61, died peacefully.

As Khan, his mother and his two younger adult siblings were dealing with that loss, they experienced it again.

In early April, his mom, 53, was diagnosed with COVID-19 and was admitted to hospital a few times.

“Then on April 22, my mother passed away due to COVID-19 complications due to cardiac arrest,” Khan said. “My mom had a very painful last few days. She was paralyzed and she was very uncomfortable.”

Khan said both of his parents were in good shape and were following all public health guidelines that were in place.

“We all were 100 per cent on masks, hand sanitizer, you name it and we had that protection,” he said. “But still the virus got to my parents and unfortunately they ended up losing their lives because of this.”

Khan said it has been the most difficult time of his life.

“I do not wish what I’m going through - myself and my siblings - even on my enemies,” Khan said. “I lost my father, but I had my mother so I had a family. But now both of them are gone. I feel hopeless.”

He is hoping by sharing his story, it will discourage other people from breaking the public health orders.

“They need to take it seriously because it’s deadly and they need to use their knowledge,” he said. “We all became orphans. This could happen to anybody.”


A GoFundMe page in support of Khan and his family during this time.

He is now financially responsible for his two siblings, aged 25 and 27, as they are both unmarried.

“I had saved money for my brother’s and sister’s education and I ended up using that to cover the expenses of my parents,” Khan said. He said any funds raised from the GoFundMe page will be used to support the family.

“[It will be] for us to start a new life and move forward,” he said. “Because of my siblings, I know I have to work hard, I have to take care of them like a mother and a father.”

Khan’s siblings do not live in Saskatchewan at this time, but they plan to move here in the near future.

Khan is well known in Regina for a variety of work he has done including fundraisers for charities, stand-up comedy and he was the former president of the University of Regina Students’ Union.

“Haris [has] done so much for the community and is also currently running a free meals program,” the GoFundMe page reads. “Please show love and support for brother Haris in this difficult time.”