The City of Weyburn has been named the fifth-best place to live in Canada, according to MoneySense magazine.

“It states a lot about this small town Saskatchewan life that people really enjoy it,” said Weyburn Mayor Marcel Roy.

“They know that this is an area where we can feel very safe, secure. We've got a good educational system.”

Weyburn, which has a population of 11,000 people, outranked Regina at 34 and Saskatoon at 109.

The article measured cities on a variety of topics like low crime rates to health accessibility to arts and community. MoneySense recognized Weyburn for its house affordability, high wealth and incomes and robust economy.

"The downturn of the economy has started to soften and everybody is really being more optimistic, looking at increasing jobs, there's more oilfield work to be had," said Twila Walkeden with the Chamber of Commerce in Weyburn.

Walkenden said it’s not just oil that drives the economy of Weyburn, but the community is also fueled by large and small businesses.

"We want this community to be the choice community to live, do business and invest,” said Walkeden. “We go above and beyond in looking for those opportunities."

Local realtor Eric Anderson said the oilfield slowdown has kept houses affordable. There are currently around 140 single-family homes on the market in Weyburn.

"I just think it gives people the opportunity to live a life rather than just be chasing their mortgage payment all the time when they can afford their house,” Anderson said.

“We have a really strong economy here as far as average household income."

Another factor the magazine article took into account is weather. Environment Canada says the Weyburn area is one the warmest spots of Saskatchewan all year round.

"Weyburn has, on average, for the month of July daytime temperatures around 26.5 degrees, that's the same as Ottawa,” said John Paul Cragg of Environment Canada.