The snow is here. It means residents of Yorkton now need to keep their eyes out when parking in certain parts of the city, thanks to the new snow route bans.

"Cities bring in snow bans so that we can get the streets cleared as quickly as possible. so if you're on those snow routes, you can see it online, they're designated, if you're on that route, make sure you're not parked there when the plows are out," said Bob Maloney, Mayor of Yorkton.

The snow route parking bans were introduced in 2016 but never came into effect. Now that the snow is here, the city wants residents to know all about it before the next snowfall.

Two key snow removal routes have been designated throughout the city. Those parked in the marked areas during a ban will receive a $45 fine.

"The bans will come in when we've got big snowfalls, and we need to get snow moved in a hurry, we'll declare a snow ban," said Bob Maloney, Mayor of Yorkton.

 "We have the guys out right now, and even today, we're putting more signs out, just to make sure that the people are aware of the parking ban," said Brian Stanicki, Assistant Director, Public Works.

Residents can follow the City's social media pages for updates on bans.

The blue routes are labeled with a small blue tag and encompass the downtown area. The red routes include the main arterial streets throughout the City.

"We don't want to ticket anybody. We want to make sure that we can get the roads cleared. It's better for everybody if the road's cleared, it's easier for you to park. So, if you can just remember to stay off that route," said Bob Maloney, Mayor of Yorkton.

When a ban is declared, vehicles will be restricted from parking along the routes for 72 hours.

"We put a 72-hours notice out, just to cover ourselves, but if we get our crews out within a day, a day and a half, they'll be able to park in those areas," said Brian Stanicki, Assistant Director, Public Works.

The ban was not in effect during the most recent snowfall, because the City felt there wasn't enough time for residents to be informed. Pamphlets are now being sent out in the mail to residents and businesses affected by the snow route ban. The ban will be in effect during the next major snowfall.