Dr. Brass School in Yorkton has been awarded $10,000 to provide Indigenous cooking lessons to students.

The school was awarded the grant through the Mosaic Extreme School Challenge Makeover. More than 100 schools applied and Dr. Brass was one of 10 selected. The funds will go towards teaching students how to cook traditional Indigenous meals.

“We applied for this grant because we wanted to combine nutrition and tradition together. And try to bring our indigenous population, which is our highest population, to the forefront," said Dianna Kozak, the Program Benefits Coordinator for the Good Spirit School Division.

School officials say it's a step towards reconciliation.

“We're looking for elders, we’re looking for people to get involved. We're looking for families to get involved with the future of students at doctor brass school,” said Principal Jason Gordon.

Almost two hundred students take part in the hot lunch program at Dr. Brass.

"I basically buy it every day,” said student Owen McLeod.

Kiera Stadnyk, another student, said that the program also provides snacks for hungry students.

For teacher Megan Reminik the grant will not only help with nutrition - it also helps students succeed in their daily studies.

"These meals are really important. I have between three to eight kids that eat breakfast and lunch at our school every day. This helps with the nutrition the ability to learn to stay focused all day and to be a successful student,” she said.

The new program is scheduled to start in the new school year.