In light of Thursday's collision involving a vehicle and a cyclist, CAA Saskatchewan is reminding people to follow safe cycling practices.

“When you get on that bike, you need to follow the same rules as a motorist. So, that means obeying all the controlled intersections, four-way stops, all of that nature,” said CAA director of communications Christine Niemczyk.

According to SGI, there were 157 vehicle collisions with cyclists in 2015. In those incidents, 121 people were injured and one person died. SGI said it is working to reduce those statistics by educating the public.

“Most of the roads that bicyclists travel (don’t have) a dedicated bike lane,” said Tyler McMurchy, SGI media relations manager. “But, the fact remains that bikes are vehicles and they have just as much right to be in those traffic lanes as your car, truck or minivan. So it's important for us to share the road.”

McMurchy said cyclists should always be aware of their surroundings, wear brightly-coloured clothing to stay visible to motorists, and wear a properly fitted helmet. This can reduce the risk of brain injury by up to 85 per cent.

As a member of the Regina Police traffic unit for five years, Constable Curtis Warner said his best advice to cyclists is to drive defensively.

“Don't trust anybody on the roadways. Just because there's a stop sign there, don't trust that that vehicle is going to stop,” said Warner.

At the same time, motorists also need to be aware of cyclists at all times.

“When we're out driving, be on the lookout for cyclists,” said Niemczyk. “Understand, too, that we shouldn't be following a cyclist too close. Three to four second rule is probably the best thing.”