REGINA -- Saskatchewan reported two new cases of COVID-19 on Wednesday. Three more people have recovered.

Three Saskatchewan residents are being treated for COVID-19 in hospital. No one is in intensive care.

There have been 808 cases to date and 47 are active. One of the new cases in in the Saskatoon area and one is in the north.

In the far north there have been 338 cases, 191 in Saskatoon, 120 in the north, 80 in Regina, 66 in the south and 13 in the central region.

People under 19 years of age make up 117 cases in the province while 253 are in people 40 to 59, 133 in people 60 to 79 and 21 cases in people over 80.

Fifty-one per cent of cases are in women and 49 per cent of cases are in men.

There have been 15 COVID-19 related deaths to date.

Saskatchewan has tested 70,875 people to date.


City councillors are set to debate a new proposal that would allow Regina businesses to access up to $2 million in aid, helping them address losses caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The grant package, which will be discussed Wednesday at the executive committee, aims to keep businesses in the city open, as well as help them pay for things like personal protective equipment (PPE) or other urgent necessities.