Regina city council is set to decide whether property taxes will go up 4.45 per cent.

The proposed increase would boost revenues by an estimated $2.4 million.

Operating expenditures would rise 8.6 per cent to $339.5 million. That includes an additional $4.1 million in spending on wages and benefits. Meanwhile, capital expenditures would increase nearly 22 per cent to $32.3 million.

Residents would see their water and sewer utility rates go up nearly nine per cent or $65 a month. Some fees would also be on the rise, including the landfill tipping fee, which would increase to $65 from $55.

The Regina Police Service would see its budget increase by just over five per cent.

The General Fund Reserve is projected to have a year-end balance of $22.3 million this year.

City council will consider the proposed 2013 budget at a special meeting Tuesday.