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City council waiting for next steps in Experience Regina rebrand


The City of Regina is waiting for an update regarding the next steps for the Experience Regina rebrand.

Mayor Sandra Masters spoke to reporters about the situation following a meeting of executive council on Wednesday.

“Council is waiting for a briefing and an update from the board of directors,” she explained.

When asked about measures for holding Experience Regina accountable, Masters said that decision would be dependent on future meeting with Experience Regina’s board of directors.

“I think that would depend upon the briefing and the conversation between the board of directors and council.”

According to the mayor, the briefing will be held within the next week. An exact date was not provided.

The Experience Regina website, accessible during the kick-off to the re-brand is now blank.

As of 5 p.m. on March 29, visitors to are greeted with an inoperable webpage.

The mayor did not have knowledge of the website’s status, referring reporters to contact the Regina Exhibition Association Limited (REAL).

“Frankly, I don’t understand the technical aspects behind it but I’m sure there’s an explanation for it.”

Both Experience Regina and REAL did not reply to CTV's request for comment by the time of publication. Top Stories

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