REGINA -- The City of Regina says it will forgive parking tickets issued in the Regina General Hospital area during the response to COVID-19.

The city says all non-safety-related tickets in the area handed out since March 13 will be cancelled after "significant concern raised by health care professionals" in the area.

There will also be relaxed parking enforcement in the area for medical health professionals. However, tickets will still be issued for "present significant or imminent safety concerns" like parking in front of fire hydrants, too close to corners or blocking driveways.

“We have heard the concerns raised by staff at the General Hospital,” Mayor Michael Fougere said. “We recognize that these are unusual circumstances and health care professionals are more limited in their movement than ever and we need to respond in kind. We thank them for their hard work combatting the virus and helping to keep Reginans safe and healthy.”

One nurse posted on Facebook to voice concerns over their parking ticket. The nurse also said they chose not to take the shuttle because COVID-19 concerns.

The city also says it's working with the Saskatchewan Health Authority to help provide parking options for staff at the hospital during the response to COVID-19. No tickets have been issued since the province declared a state of emergency on March 18.

Council will be reviewing parking enforcement at a special meeting on Friday. Councillors also plan to discuss utility bills and property tax postponements.

Parking ticket

A Facebook post about a parking ticket by the Regina General Hospital