The City of Regina has postponed Light the Lights at City Hall because of the widespread power outage in Saskatchewan.

The event was supposed to take place on Tuesday evening at 6:30 p.m. but the City of Regina sent out a news release Tuesday afternoon indicating the event has been postponed.

The post did not indicate when the next event will take place.

The city also said in the release that motorists should expect delays as many traffic lights are not working.

“For those needing to travel, expect traffic delays, slow down and be courteous while

Driving,” said Desirae Bernreuther, City of Regina. “Some traffic signals with battery backup will still be operational. All intersections with traffic signals not in operation should be treated as four-way stops.”

The city also said that many transit routes are also experiencing delays and transit riders should check for the arrival times.

City Hall will also be closed as for 1:30 p.m. Tuesday but any city run facilities that have power will stay open.

“City-operated recreation facilities that have power are open and currently running

Programs,” said Bernreuther. “Call the facility in advance to confirm it is open and check for the latest information. But if you want to take a day off, today might be the day.

The city also said they are experiencing delays with Service Regina.

“At this time, please limit your calls to emergency city service requests such as sewer backup or water main breaks or leaks. If you wish to submit a Service Request pertaining to other programs and city services, please do so online.”

The city is asking to people to be mindful of fires during this time when power is out to many residents in Regina.

“If you are using candles, do not leave them unattended. Blow out all candles when you are leaving a room,” said Bernreuther. “Do NOT use alternate heat sources that are fueled by propane, butane or camping fuel in your home or garage. These are for outdoor use only where they can be safely ventilated.”

The city said there are no water or waste water issues at this point but are asking residents to conserve water while the power is out.

“We are asking residents to take steps to conserve water by limiting non-essential use, such as doing laundry,” said Bernreuther. “Consider applying ‘cabin’ rules for flushing. These actions will help reduce pressure on our water and wastewater systems.