REGINA -- If you’re confused about whether you’re eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccination in Saskatchewan, or when you’ll become eligible, you’re not alone. The province’s Vaccine Distribution Plan is set up to prioritize the province’s older residents, healthcare workers, long-term care residents and workers as well as those in Saskatchewan who are immunocompromised.

Follow the steps in the chart below to help determine whether you're currently eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine in Saskatchewan.

Flow Chart


Saskatchewan moved to Phase 2 of the Vaccine Delivery Plan on March 18; this phase currently includes residents 60 and older, adults and staff in group homes and shelters and “clinically extremely vulnerable adults.”

Residents 60 and over can book their vaccination appointment online or over the phone at 1-833-SASK-VAX (1-833-727-5829).

People 50 and over living in the Northern Saskatchewan Administrative District can book their appointment over the phone by calling 1-833-SASK-VAX (1-833-727-5829) between 8 a.m. and 11 p.m. Online booking is not available for this group right now.

Eligibility to get vaccinated at Regina's drive-thru AstraZeneca clinic has been expanded to include residents 58 and older. As of March 22, the Saskatchewan Health Authority says the AstraZeneca drive-thru clinic in Regina has run out of COVID-19 vaccine and is temporarily closed until more doses are available.

Those considered “clinically extremely vulnerable adults" can expect a letter in the mail from their doctor or clinic.These residents will be serviced by the Astra Zenec drive-thru in Regina, when it returns.

Saskatchewan says it's following national advice that recommends not giving shots of the Oxford-AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine to those under 55 years of age until a further safety review is done.

The Saskatchewan Health Authority said although the Astra Zenecaa drive-thru is only offered in Regina currently, non-Regina residents will not be turned away, despite travel recommendations discouraging travel to and from Regina.

The Ministry of Health says most of the 15,000 doses of the vaccine that have been received so far have gone into the arms of those 58 and older at a drive-thru clinic in Regina.

It says some health-care workers younger than 55 have also received these shots, but no adverse effects have been reported to date.

The province says it has fewer than 100 doses of AstraZeneca left, but another 46,600 are expected to arrive this week from the United States.