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'Culture all around': Stories and knowledge passed down at Indigenous Village

Among the hustle and bustle of the Queen City Ex in Regina this weekend, there was a man telling stories.

Roy Bison is a Lakota-Nakota Nation storyteller. He has travelled through the U.S. and Canada, learning from others and receiving knowledge passed down through generations of Indigenous culture.

Now, he teaches the lessons he’s learned through his stories and songs.

“We do this to reach people,” he said. “Our talents, through song and dance, and our language is here. There’s culture all around.”

He told stories of connections to animals, how traditional food was without sugar or salt, much different from the processed foods of today. All while singing the songs of his ancestors.

Bison’s stage was situated near the middle of the fair, a popular walkway for patrons looking to escape the heat outside. Many onlookers stopped for only a minute or two before moving along.

Although many stayed for only a short moment, Bison hoped anyone who heard his stories learned something new about his culture.

“No matter how they came, at least they got a little bit of the sound of the songs,” he said.

“We’re not forced into these ways. But we come for help in these ways. And everyone knows everything out there is in our own First Nations communities and within our homes and our language and culture.”

Bison said it’s important to learn from all people and it’s important to realize there are also connections no matter the culture or way of life.

“We must carry on our culture and way of life. We have teachers and educators in our families,” he said.

“We are all related somehow.” Top Stories

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