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'Die Alone' sees Sask. filmmakers bring movie production back to Regina


A post apocalyptic love story made for Saskatchewan is currently filming on the streets of Regina.

‘Die Alone’ is a film that was dreamed up for Saskatchewan’s landscape.

Thanks to growing government incentives, the dream is now coming to fruition.

“With the new incentive Creative Saskatchewan has, which they introduced a few years ago, and it grew the following year, not only did it make it possible to shoot it here but it made it like, this is the smartest place to do it by far,” Lowell Dean, director of ‘Die Alone’, told CTV News.

The project is Saskatchewan through and through, with Regina based Mind’s Eye Entertainment at the helm.

“For us you know, born and raised here, have our company here, it’s just a thrill to come back,” Kevin Dewalt, the CEO and president of Mind’s Eye, explained.

The film is set in Saskatchewan and has the principal actors experiencing the land of living skies for the first time.

“It’s a beautiful story, in a beautiful scenic, I mean this is the most beautiful place,” Kimberly-Sue Murray, told CTV News. “I’m from Eastern Quebec so it feels like home, everyone’s very lovely.”

“I guess I’ve been impressed with the studio,” said Douglas Smith, another one of the lead actors. “I was not expecting such a large state of the art studio especially for a movie of our size.”

The production is bringing life to the province’s film industry, but the positives don’t end there.

More business for restaurants, hotels and many other establishments follow the production.

“This project is expected to spend over $5 million in our province so it’s not a small project, it’s really exciting to see it here,” said Erin Dean, the CEO of Creative Saskatchewan.

And for Dean, it feels natural working on his passion in his home.

“As a writer, you write what you know,” he said. “Growing up here, these are the landscapes I picture, these are the characters I picture, so I’m sure one day I’ll write something that isn’t Saskatchewan based but right now it just feels like the right thing to do.”

Filming on ‘Die Alone’ will continue for 18 days in the Queen City. Top Stories

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