Cool temperatures delayed field work across the province, but producers have started seeding in southern Saskatchewan.

In other areas, producers have started harrowing and pre-seeding fields. Many farmers will be able to begin seeding within the next week.

The condition of fields varies across the province, with dry conditions in the south and high moisture levels in the northern and eastern parts of Saskatchewan. High winds are drying up the soil quickly, and ice and snow are melting in the northern part of the province in as the weather warms up.

Low hay crop yields, a long cold winter and a late spring have forced many livestock producers to use alternative feed sources, using grains until the pastures green up.

Spring runoff in the south is below-normal in many areas and some producers are looking at alternative ways to maintain water supplies throughout grazing season.

So far, SaskPower has reported four cases of farm machinery contacting electrical equipment. Producers are reminded to check for overhead lines before beginning seeding work.