Hollywood has made its way to Saskatchewan and the action is taking place in downtown Regina.

The movie ‘Rabbit' is being filmed in Regina and Moose Jaw. It is a psychological thriller that stars Law & Order alum Vincent D'Onofrio and ‘Legend of the Falls' actress Julia Ormond.

Director of the movie Jennifer Lynch says the movie is "about how real monsters are made and the circle of abuse and so it's a very scary film and it's really about the plight and life of the boy after being kept by the man and the choices we make after being wounded".

This isn't the first time Lynch has shot a movie in Saskatchewan. In 2008 she shot the movie ‘Surveillance', which also started Ormond, in Regina.

"I absolutely love Saskatchewan. Regina is my second home. When I shot surveillance…. All I could do was write to try and come back", Lynch said before filming a scene.

'Rabbit' is expected to wrap at the end of July