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FSIN questions lack of invite from Ottawa to government health meetings


The Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations (FSIN) is displeased after not receiving an invitation to discuss funding and ongoing issues with healthcare across Canada.

Canada’s premiers have all been invited by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to discuss topics such as healthcare transfer funding in Ottawa.

Premiers and leaders are asking for the transfer from the federal government to be increased from 22 to 35 per cent.

FSIN Chief Bobby Cameron said being excluded raises some serious concerns.

“Obviously we have serious concerns when it comes to our perspective and position when it comes to these high-level meetings and decisions being made for First Nations without our involvement and participation,” Cameron said in an interview with CTV Morning Live.

Cameron said excluding First Nations in 2023 during a time when words like reconciliation are commonly used shows that Indigenous Peoples concerns are not a high priority.

“If that was the case we would be [invited to] these high-level discussions and decision making tables every step of the way.”

Cameron said while inclusion is a main concern for Indigenous Peoples, they also feel they have input that is crucial to improving the quality of life for First Nations when it comes to healthcare.

“Without our involvement and input it will fail,” Cameron said.

Cameron said factoring in the cost of living and the challenges that come with healthcare access to northern and remote communities is critical to making improvements.

“The list goes on and on why it’s so crucial for First Nation people to be involved every step of the way,” Cameron said.

Meetings between Ottawa and the premiers are scheduled to begin next week (Feb. 6). Top Stories

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