This year's Fort Winter Festival wrapped up today with some adrenaline-filled activities, including ice racing and drifting.

Savannah Smith started racing motorcycles on ice years ago. She has competed at the festival for the past two years.

It's really fast and it's different (from) sand or dirt. If you're used to dirt, it's a lot different because it's flat,” said Smith. “You really have to trust your tires because you're always leaning over on the ice. If you crash, it's going to hurt a lot.”

It's traditional racing with a twist - all of the bikes have studded tires to handle the ice.

“It takes a lot of practice. It's a weird feeling, riding motorcycles on ice. Actually, the faster you get, the better it gets,” said Fort Winter Festival ice racing organizer Vince Crawford.

Ice racing isn't the only festival activity on Echo Lake. Drivers are also put their drifting skills to the test.

“It's based off of your line, your speed, as well as how crowd pleasing it is. So if it looks good, then it's worth extra points,” said drifter Travis Fehler. “It's mostly based of your line, how long you can initiate your drift and hold the drift for.”

The three-day festival ran from Friday to Sunday.