REGINA -- Heavy rain in some areas of Saskatchewan resulted in increased topsoil moisture for producers, but also caused some crop damage.

The majority of cropland and hay and pasture land topsoil moisture is rated as adequate or above, according to the Ministry of Agriculture’s weekly crop report.

The ministry said there were reports of localized flooding in some areas that received a large amount of rain in a short period of time.

Northeast of the Old Wives Lake area saw the most rain last week, with approximately 208 mm over the course of a few hours. Some crop damage was reported in the area. The southeast part of the province received the most rainfall over the week.

Extreme winds were also seen in some areas of the province, causing damage to bins, buildings and crops. Areas that saw only wind and not rain are now experiencing extremely dry conditions.

Crop conditions are mostly rated at fair to good. The majority of pulse crops, spring and fall cereals; and oil seeds are at their normal stages of development for this year.

Lack of moisture has resulted in reduced germination of some canola crops and spotty emergence. Reseeding could be an option in these areas if conditions allow.

Areas that did not receive rain last week saw some damage from dry soil conditions.