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Herd of bison seen loose on Highway 10 near Fort Qu'Appelle


Drivers on Highway 10 near Fort Qu’Appelle may have experienced a unique delay Friday morning as a herd of bison was seen slowly crossing the road.

In a Facebook post, the bison can be seen making their way across road, forcing a few motorists to slow down.

Watch the full video above.

RCMP said it received a call around 6:30 Friday morning that at least 50 bison were loose and crossing Highway 10 near the Qu’Appelle turnoff, in an email to CTV News.

When two officers arrived on the scene, the owners of the bison were there and had all the animals off the highway and were working on putting them back into their nearby pasture.

RCMP said officers stayed on the scene to assist.

No collisions with vehicles were reported.

There are about 300 bison farms in Saskatchewan with around 40,500 animals in total in the province. Top Stories

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