Greenall High School and Balgonie Elementary school were placed into hold and secure mode after a threat was made to the high school.

The hold and secure was lifted on Wednesday evening.

RCMP says online threats were made against Greenall. While the comments were vague, police said they were serious in nature and led to placing the schools into hold and secure mode.

Students at the school are dealing with a loss, CTV News has confirmed that a student at Greenall School passed away.

A spokesperson for the Prairie Valley School Division confirms that the incident is still being investigated and that counsellors have been brought in to assist students.

The Regina Police Service says the threats were allegedly made following the student’s death.

“Subsequent to the youth’s death, it’s alleged there were threats directed at other students from the same school,” said Elizabeth Popowich, a spokesperson for RPS.

Regina police were brought into the investigation because of interactions with students from two different school divisions, spanning two separate municipalities. They will be assisting White Butte RCMP in their investigation.

No Regina schools were put into secure-the-building mode.

Students and staff were being allowed into and out of the building, but police asked anyone who does not need to be in the building to avoid the area. There was a significant police presence during the investigation.

Police added that tracking down the source of the threats has been challenging, mainly because information was coming from outside sources and was posted on social media. RCMP is working with the Regina Police Service on the investigation.

RCMP is still investigating the validity of the comments. The hold and secure ended on Wednesday around 6:30 p.m.