Moosomin’s annual fireworks competition brings some international flair to the small town’s skies.

“It gradually grew from something very small and it had one company provide two shows,” Layne McFarlane from the fireworks committee said. “Then three years ago it was like, let’s go international.”

There were 13,000 people at this year’s event.

“This little beach here is just full of people,” organizer Laurie Renneberg said.

The Philippines had a chance to showcase their talents this year. Their representative, Patrice Guy, gave people a show they wouldn't forget.

“Representing my country of adoption and the country of my daughter and the country of my wife, this is a very special show for me,” Guy said. “We went all out to impress the crowd.”

The town uses the competition as more than just a fireworks spectacle. It’s also a way to honour the Filipino culture, an integral part of the Moosomin community through dance and food.

“We’re trying to bring the Filipino culture to the community of Moosomin, who have been really welcoming, who have been a good host to us,” event coordinator Leo Ilustrisimo said.

The small town put on a big show, allowing thousands of people from different backgrounds to come together to enjoy it as one.