A Saskatchewan motorist is raising concerns after he recorded a semi-truck driving recklessly on Highway 1.

“It was erratic,” Russ Stephanson told CTV News on Monday. “I’ve seen many trucks that are less than stellar, but this one had to be on the worst end of the scale. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything quite that bad, so this is extreme and it’s probably not the norm for highway driving.”

Stephanson was driving on Highway 1 between Ernfold and Mortlach on Sunday afternoon when he says the truck started swerving between lanes and disregarding other drivers on the highway.

The trucking company says the driver has several years of experience, and the driver blames high winds for his unstable driving.

According to Environment Canada, winds were recorded at around 45 kilometres an hour at the time.

Police caught up with the driver after the video was taken. He had pulled off the highway and was resting.

No charges will be laid.