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#JustCurious: How the CFL maintains the Canadian ratio during games

The Canadian Football League season is underway and attracting new fans. First, let’s define ‘ratio’ in the Canadian game. There is a rule ensuring Candians are on the field at all times including 21 Canadians on the roster and at least seven starters.

For the 2023 season, teams must indicate designated national Americans and the designated nationals that said player can replace but only for a maximum of 23 plays.

A designated American is a non-starting American player who may play on all special-teams. During regular offensive or defensive possessions, that player may only replace a fellow American player on the field.

So, how do they maintain that level while the game is being played?

The league will employ spotters to track the snaps played by designated nationalized Americans in place of designated Canadians and the game official will warn teams when that player is down to five, three and one snap remaining of eligibility. Top Stories

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