After torrential downpours earlier this week, the town of Lampman has been slammed with severe flooding. The town is located about two hours out of Regina.

“The storm sewers could not keep up. Some streets the rain water was waist deep,” Tamara Roy Fichter, a resident in Lampman, said.

"Couple of days ago you couldn’t see half the town from the water from air that is. But it’s slowly getting better now. Maybe by Tuesday it will be back to normal,” resident Marcell Boyer said.

Residents say flood waters were more than 25 cm high at one point. Fichter estimates the town received more than 175 mm of rain since Friday.

People have not been forced to re-locate or evacuate, however many residents have flooded basements.

There have been no injuries.

Lampman School is temporarily closed as it remains inaccessible due to floodwaters.

Town employees have been working around the clock to pump water out of the town and there have been multiple semi-trucks sucking up the water. Volunteers and employees from outside areas have also been helping with relief efforts.

 “We all pull together and move forward! What else can you do!” Fichter said.

The town experienced a similar flood in 2011and 2016. However, residents say this flooding has been worse in comparison to those in the past.

"This time it fell right on us whereas in 2011 it didn’t hit directly right on town but it was water coming in from the rural areas. So we were able to stay on top of it little better then. This time it hit right on top of us so we've been playing catchup," Lampman assistant administrator Dena Scott said.