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Large snow globe on display at 'What Women Want' holiday market


The ‘What Women Want’ holiday market is underway at the REAL district, with a special attraction just inside the front doors.

A large snow globe is entertaining young and old alike. There is in airlock to get into the globe and numerous white balloons flying around to imitate snow.

The holiday market has more than 130 booths, with vendors offering a wide variety of products and services.

‘What Women Want’ events have been going on for 17 years but this is their first holiday market. The message is to support local businesses, with vendors coming from across the prairie provinces. While the crowd appears to be mostly women, everyone is welcome.

“We’re hitting our target market, but you’ll see some men here. First and foremost, they might be carrying the bags. But we also have beef jerky, we have lots of cooking things, there’s beer sampling. All kinds of things here for everyone,” said Michelle Strawford, the owner of ‘What Women Want’ events.

The holiday market features everything from candles to fashion to alcohol samples. The market runs until 5 p.m. on Saturday. Top Stories


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