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Globe Theatre brings Christmas spirit to Regina


Globe Theatre is ‘Making Spirits Brighter’ once again this season, with the return of their holiday production.

The show consists of holiday music accompanying four short stories brought to life onstage at the Artesian.

Jennifer Brewin is directing the show and she explained how this unique style of performance came to be.

“It’s sort of a potpourri of storytelling and performance and song, and it’s sort of like Stuart McLean meets prairie home companion. We’ve sort of invented it. We borrowed from radio drama, we borrowed from vaudeville and variety show and we really created our own style and it’s really been pretty special,” she explained.

The show’s cast also shared why performing in this holiday special is a little more magical than the average showcase.

“It’s in the title: making spirits brighter. It’s that time of year when we don’t see as much light and it’s not returning yet but everyone is celebrating different things and gathering because it’s cold,” said performer Kris Alvarez.

“I love it here on the prairies in Treaty 4 because the weather is not as inviting but community is and I think that this production is about inviting everyone indoors to remember why it’s so important to see live art and to hear stories out loud,” she added.

The whole team behind the production emphasized that one thing which has kept holiday traditions alive for generations is the art of storytelling. Skyler Anderson, another performer, shared what audiences can look forward to.

“We’re all really jolly onstage and having fun and all of the stories are meaningful and they all kind of pack a good comedic punch but they’re all quite sweet and then we’re singing Christmas carols all night so its hard not to walk away feeling the Christmas spirit,” he said.

The show will be running until Dec. 23, and tickets are available on the Globe Theatre website. Top Stories

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