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Snowplows can now be tracked in Sask.


A new update to the Highway Hotline app and website will allow Saskatchewan drivers to track snowplow locations on roadways around the province.

The province says the new feature will start as a pilot project on the Highway Hotline mobile app and website.

“Anyone can click on a plow and see that vehicle's last two hours of winter road maintenance. When combined with descriptions of road conditions and a review of public forecasts, drivers can make informed decisions about winter travel,” the province said in a news release.

“We’ve got a description of what the actual road looks like. Throughout the province we’ve got cameras so you can go online and you can find a camera that may be in the area so you can visually see it," Highways Minister Lori Carr told reporters on Wednesday. "Now with this Track my Plow you have another tool at your fingertips to know if a plow has been out, especially if there’s been a winter event."

The feature will be available for most of Saskatchewan’s snowplows, the province said, adding it will monitor progress of the new feature and the public’s response to it.

The Highway Hotline first launched its mobile app in the fall of 2022.

According to the province, roughly 6.5 million people use the Highway Hotline per year.

Throughout the winter season of 2021-22, the province said a record 13 million hits to the Highway Hotline were recorded. Top Stories


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