The Tartan Curling Club was transformed into Regina's largest ever model railroad show this weekend.

Doug Johnson was part of the organizing committee for the first Regina Railfest. He built the display with three other members of the Echo Valley Model Railroad Guild, and it's modelled after a 1915 old-time town in Colorado.

“We have steam locomotives, and we have mines and mountains and everything,” said Johnson. “The scenery and so on is all put together by us. It's generally foam underneath with plaster overtop it, painted with trees and so on. The locomotives and boxcars are all purchased.”

The display was one of more than a dozen railroad layouts at the show – which drew hobby groups from across Western Canada.

Dave Peters with the Martinsville Rocky Ridge Model Railroad Club showcased a 13 feet wide by 42 feet long railroad layout. He said he spends up to 20 hours a week working on the hobby, and admitted the interest can be pricey.

“Just in rolling stock, I've probably got about $5,000 tied up. If you look at just one locomotive, you're looking at $300 or $400,” said Peters. “As far as layout goes, you can do whatever your imagination - or money - allows.”

But many hobbyists said the payoff of showcasing their creativity is worth every penny.

“I've been building with Lego for many, many years,” said Wes Rempel, Saskatchewan Lego Users Group member. “I just enjoy working with the group and getting together once a month for meetings, and going to shows, and seeing all the kids that love this.”