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'More points of alignment': Premier Scott Moe happy with Alberta election results

Premier Scott Moe expects Alberta to be an ongoing ally in defending western interests.

Moe made the comment on Thursday in response to this week’s re-election of Danielle Smith’s United Conservative Party (UCP) government.

Scott Moe calls it a good election result.

“Not a direct impact on Saskatchewan but as you know, we have many more points of alignment with a UCP government in Alberta versus an NDP government in Alberta,” Moe said.

Both provinces have been pushing for more provincial control over key sectors like resources.

“Advocating for the products that we produce in our respective areas which are similar, some differences but similar,” Moe said. “Both big agricultural producers, both large energy producers.”

Tom McIntosh is a political scientist at the University of Regina and said it will be nice for the premier to have an ally in the ongoing battle with Ottawa.

“Danielle Smith certainly seems to be singing from the same songbook as Scott Moe in terms of pushing back against Ottawa so it will be interesting how that dynamic plays itself out when the premiers and the prime minister all get together,” he said.

The next electoral test on a small scale will come here in Saskatchewan. Three by-elections are slated to be called later this year, providing a sampling of the mood of the electorate ahead of next year’s provincial election. Top Stories

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