Dry weather is to blame for the high number of water pipe breaks in Regina last month, according to the city.

The City of Regina says 66 pipes broke in July due to shifting ground caused by the lack of rain. The average amount of breaks per month is six.

City crews are working to fix the water mains and road crews have more streets and sidewalks to patch above the breaks, but the city says it’s still in good shape because it has a contingency in its budget for such occurrences and because a mild winter kept the number of water main breaks to a minimum.

The breaks are just some of a handful of problems blamed on the dry weather.

The dry conditions have wreaked havoc on crops across the province, and SaskPower officials say parched soil and the resulting shifting ground is behind several recent power meter fires.

The conditions have been good for Regina construction, however. Regina’s mayor says nearly 50 per cent of the city’s construction projects for the year have been completed.