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Smoked Chicken Thighs


Feel free to use whatever BBQ spice you like. To find Be a Kitchen Hero Rusty Sled, go to

Makes a many as you like

Skin-on bone-in chicken thighs

Mustard – any kind of smooth mustard that you like

BBQ spice such as Be a Kitchen Hero Rusty Sled

Cheater BBQ Sauce, recipe below

Preheat your smoked to 225°F. Trim chicken thighs of any excess fat and skin. Brush both sides with mustard diluted with a little bit of water to make is more spreadable. Sprinkle both sides with BBQ spice. Place in your smoker, skin side down, for 45 minutes. At the 45 minute mark, brush with Cheater BBQ sauce. Wait 15 minutes, turn and brush the top. Smoke another 15 minutes for a total smoking time of about 1 hour and 15 minutes. Thighs may require an additional 15 minutes depending on their size.

Cheater BBQ Sauce

1 cup fruit jelly such as chokecherry, black currant, raspberry

Orange juice to thin the sauce

Couple tbsp of regular BBQ sauce

1-2 tsp sriracha sauce, optional

Heat the jelly to liquid. Add the orange juice, BBQ sauce and sriracha. Top Stories

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