A new report gives Arcola Avenue a failing grade based on a number of conditions, including traffic flow, vehicle speed and expected delays.

Four intersections were examined in the report, and each one received a letter grade. A C grade is considered to be a stable traffic flow, an optimal value for the tax payer. An F grade is an intersection that is considered to have a breakdown of traffic flow, characterized by bumper to bumper traffic and exceedingly long wait times during peak hours of the day. A D grade is considered to be acceptable.

Both University Park Drive and the Ring Road overpass intersections received F grades, while the Prince of Wales intersection received a C grade and Park Street got a D.

The report also contained a list of suggested improvements to the corridor, everything from widening the road and adding lanes, to building a larger Arcola Avenue bridge.

None of the suggested changes in the report are part of the city’s five year capital plan, the earliest of which are slated for 2024

The report concluded by saying that even if the recommended changes to the road were accelerated, Arcola Avenue is simply not capable of handling it's currently level of traffic in an acceptable manner, and therefore the report recommends the city look into building alternate roads to give motorists other options when driving through the east end.