The Canadian Western Agribition will host the Maple Leaf Finals rodeo in 2019.

It’s a new professional circuit in Canada.

Agribition says the rodeo will feature 10 of the top contestants in each of the seven major rodeo events over four nights and boasts $100,000 in prize money.

"Western culture has been a key piece of the foundation of Agribition for almost 50 years," Agribition President Bruce Holmquist said in a news release. "Rodeo has been a very important part of that and through the years have worked hard at growing the profile of the sport for both its fans and competitors."

The Canadian Professional Rodeo Association signed a two-year deal with Agribition.

"The Maple Leaf Finals are a good fit for Agribition," CWA CEO Chris Lane said. "We've got 20,000 fans that come to see one of the most high-energy rodeos in Canada, and these Finals are going to take that to the next level. This is exciting for rodeo and it's exciting for Agribition."

Agribition also announced it reported a profit of $190,671 from operations in 2018. It had improved attendance over 2017 and saw a record-high value of international purchases at $881,000.

"Agribition's strength continues to be its people," Lane said. "The exhibitors, volunteers, guests and sponsors that continue to help us build and maintain momentum is the key to staying relevant in agriculture."

Tickets for the rodeo and all other programming go on sale in September.