REGINA -- The province’s favourite moose, Mac, is set to reclaim his title at the world’s tallest moose when his new rack is unveiled on Thursday.

Mac the Moose

Mac lost his claim to fame to a town in Norway in 2015. That town’s moose, Storelgen, was 30 centimetres taller than Mac.

Earlier this year, Moose Jaw vowed to regain the title. After a Moosarandum of Understanding was reached at a Moose Truce in March, it was decided that Mac could be the largest moose, and Storelgen would be the shiniest and most attractive moose in the world.

Moose face-off

Mac’s new rack, which will add the 31 centimetres needed to make him the world’s tallest once again, will be officially unveiled on Thursday.

The international moose feud brought the public eye to Moose Jaw’s main roadside attraction this year.

Mac the Moose

But, drivers in Saskatchewan know Mac isn’t the only thing worth stopping for when travelling through the province.

CTV News Regina went looking for other larger-than-life attractions you can see in small town Saskatchewan.

Davidson – World’s largest coffee pot

World's largest coffee pot

World's largest coffee pot in Davidson, Sask. (Tourism Saskatchewan)

The coffee pot stands at 24 feet tall, and would hold 150,000 cups of coffee.

The community says it’s a symbol of the warmth and hospitality the community has to offer.

Kipling – World’s largest paper clip

biggest red paperclip

World's largest paper clip in Kipling, Sask. (Wikimedia Commons)

In 2005, Kyle Macdonald bartered a red paper clip into a two-storey home in Kipling.

To commemorate the trades, the town unveiled the world’s largest red paper clip in July of 2007.

The paper clip is 15 feet tall and weighs 3,043 pounds.

Macklin – World’s largest bunnock bone

World's largest bunnock bone

World's largest bunnock bone in Macklin, Sask. (

Macklin is home to the world’s largest bunnock – a replica of a horse ankle bone.

The bunnock is 32 feet tall and houses the town’s Tourist Information Centre.

Cutknife – World’s largest Tomahawk

World's largest Tomahawk

World's largest Tomahawk in Cutknife, Sask. (Tripadvisor)

Cutknife’s Tomahawk was built in 1971 to celebrate cooperation between the town and nearby First Nations communities.

The Tomahawk and tipi stand at 12 metres tall.

Parkside – World’s largest lily

World's largest lily

World's largest lily in Parkside, Sask. (Suberb Saskatchewan)

Parkside is home to the world’s largest lily.

The flower was built to recognize settler Dr. A.J. Porter., who founded the Honeywood Heritage Nursery in 1934.

The nursery features more than 30 kinds of lilies, and was named a Provincial Heritage Site in 2007.